Pre-hire Screening

Hire in confidence and avoid costly turnover.

An astonishing 46% of new hires fail in their first 18 months of employment according to recent studies. Clearly, the traditional approach of hiring based solely on technical skills, resumes and interviews is very costly to companies and employees.  There is a better way and we use it!

For pre-hire screening, we use Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS).  Applicants complete an online questionnaire, and in less than 25 minutes of applicants’ time, HATS evaluates suitability, identifies complementary and counter-productive traits, and shows how to manage, develop and retain candidates.  It’s important to note that the questionnaire results are calculated based on the job analysis for the specific job.  It automatically selects from 175 factors to measure only job specific behavioral requirements. We provide employers and recruiting firms with options regarding our level of involvement and the types of reports they receive. We also provide reports for employers desiring to evaluate employee suitability for advancement. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring one or many, or want to evaluate personnel for promotions, we can help!

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