Gain insight on how others likely view you and your leadership skills.

California Psychological Inventory (CPI 260®)

Have you ever wondered how others view you and your leadership skills? If so, the CPI 260® can give you answers.  The CPI 260® workshop is designed to improve participants’ self-awareness of their leadership strengths and developmental opportunities as a means for them to improve their leadership skills and performance. It provides participants with objective data and personalized written reports that describe how they are likely viewed by others and how they compare to successful executives and managers on 18 key leadership traits. Participants complete the CPI 260® before the workshop.  During the workshop, they receive two business-focused personalized reports based on their answers. They also receive metrics that illustrate how they compare with the normal adult population and successful executives and managers. Military personnel also receive metrics illustrating how they compare with other military leaders. These reports and metrics are powerful tools for improving self-awareness and helping individuals improve their performance. They are discussed during individual coaching sessions where leadership goals and strategies for accomplishing goals are identified.

Leadership Traits:
1. Self-Awareness
2. Self-Control
3. Resilience
4. Use of Power and Authority
5. Comfort with Organizational Structure
6. Responsibility and Accountability
7. Decisiveness
8. Interpersonal Skill
9. Understanding Others
10. Capacity for Collaboration
11. Working with and Through Others
12. Creativity
13. Handling Sensitive Problems
14. Action Orientation
15. Self-Confidence
16. Managing Change
17. Influence
18. Comfort with Visibility

See sample CPI 260 Coaching Report for Leaders.

See sample CPI 260 Client Feedback Report

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